6-PACK AT 50

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Some of the key factors in the book include:

Adherence Factor Assessment and an Introduction to self-analysis:
A different Perspective on Personality Types & How To evaluate Yourself:
A different Perspective on eating habits
Training towards a Healthy Mind (The importance of sleep and a good sleep hygiene):
Mindful of potential looming health issues:
Maintaining and Adapting Growth Mindset for the rest of your life and in doing so leaving a legacy.

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My Inspiration To Write This Book:
I have been asked on several occasions over the years to write a book but I have previously been reluctant due to the circumstances at the time not being conducive to me being able to commit to the time required to take on such a big project. However, a couple of years ago when I turned 50 and I was asked again I had the inspiration to take on this project because of the frighteningly high – and still increasing – statistics of male suicides around the world. In almost every country in the world male suicides vastly outnumber those of women. As we all know suicides happen in males and females of any age. However, within all sub-categories of suicides – teenagers, single parents, recently divorced, recently bereaved, people with diagnosed mental health issues etc – percentages are dropping which is great. BUT the one exception is males over 35. Within this category percentages are consistently increasing without any signs of a downward turn. Another scary fact is that well over half of these male suicides never shown signs of mental illness previous to the suicide. As with all suicides there is rarely a single reason but one single factor is undeniably true – your chances of having suicidal thoughts are massively decreased if you are fit and healthy! Physical health and fitness go hand in hand with mental health. Knowing this was what gave me my initial inspiration to write this book.


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