Amongst the services offered by THE FUTURE OF FITNESS are:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Implementing and coordinating staff training and development courses
  • Workshops and team building events
  • Consultancy

The founder of THE FUTURE OF FITNESS, Kelvin Marsh, has much experience in hosting and coordinating these type of events. Kelvin has lectured at Colleges and Universities and Training Courses in the UK and Australia, has implemented training and development programs for coaches in America, implemented physical development programs at schools in Taiwan, and since being in Sweden has been a regular speaker for the Gothenburg Football Association, the Swedish Badminton Association and other smaller clubs, associations and schools.
THE FUTURE OF FITNESS can also provide guest speakers from Sweden and from other countries. These speakers include former Olympians, European champions in various sports, professional boxers and other elite athletes in a variety of sports.