Sport specific training is a much talked about area. There is much debate about the do’s and don’ts, the wants and needs of the players, the necessity of certain fitness components, and when the best time is to introduce the different kinds of training in a season. Examples of the many factors that could affect an athlete’s needs for a physical conditioning program are:

• Age, gender and level of development
• Sport (level, position played, stage of career etc.)
• Phase of the season
• Body type and injury history
• Functional movement limitations/ possibilities
• Game and work schedule
• Domestic situation (perhaps a single-parent, carer of an elderly relative etc.)

These questions are complex and their answer depends on many things.
THE FUTURE OF FITNESS specializes in enhancing the individual touch to a team environment and in designing sport specific training programs to the practical environment in which the player will be training. The founder, Kelvin Marsh has over 25 years experience in sport specific training with athletes from basic to elite level.
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