Often a combination of massage and rehabilitation training is the most effective and beneficial way to overcome your issues.
Which type of massage do you think you need?

  • Relaxation and stress control?
  • Reduce back pain?
  • Sports massage (pre- post game massage)?
  • Sports Injury massage?
  • Pressure Point/ Trigger Point Massage?
  • Other?

There are several different types of massage and many variations and combinations of these different types. Often a combination of different types can be most effective. Which types of Rehab do you think you need?

  • Back problems?
  • Golfers or Tennis elbow?
  • Schlatters or other knee problems?
  • Shoulder impingement problems?
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome?
  • Other?

The same can be said of rehabilitation training: various philosophies, methods, and recovery enhancement techniques are commonly used. Most of these methods are safe and have been proven to be effective. However, a certain method that was very effective on a particular injury with one person may be ineffective on another person.
It takes an experienced physiotherapist or massage therapist to combine these methods to overcome functional problems.