• When, which, how often is best?
  • At what age should they start strength training?
  • What intensity of training is best before, during, or after a growth spurt?
  • Is it safe to train during puberty?
  • Is it safe to train with Schlatters or other joint problems?

These are just some of the most common questions asked regarding children and exercise. Training for children is another controversial subject of which many things have been written without proper research or evidence. THE FUTURE OF FITNESS bases all its training programs for children on highly regarded research.

Amongst the most paramount of training models being adhered to by trainers of children the world over is the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, based on the research by Istvan Balyi, PhD. Many sporting associations all over the world have started following this model, including the Swedish Badminton Association. THE FUTURE OF FITNESS founder, Kelvin Marsh has recently written a book-Från Lek Till Medaljer- for the Swedish Badminton Association focusing primarily on the best way to train children with physical exercise from being 6 years old right up to adulthood.

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