Kelvin Marsh has been a Personal Trainer for almost 30 years and a sports conditioning coach for over 25 years. Having boxed competitively from 1986-1992 he learnt a lot about conditioning the body and mind, and all that it entails, at an early age, namely, that with determination and a positive mindset you can achieve the unexpected. Adversely, despite having immense talent and potential without a determined focused frame of mind you will never achieve your full potential. These early lessons have been the cornerstone of Kelvin’s coaching philosophies. He has worked at a very high level in several different countries but he has never forgotten these fundamentals.

A quick overview of Kelvin’s experience is:

  • Originally from Manchester, England
  • worked with some Premier League footballers in England
  • was a part of Manchester United’s physical conditioning team
  • worked for the MLS with soccer players in the USA
  • worked with some high profile rugby players in Australia and New Zealand
  • worked with the British Sailing Team at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, where they won three gold and two silver medals
  • worked with the British Sailing Team at the Paralympics in 2000

Since being in Sweden Kelvin has not only been working as a Personal Trainer for Nordic Wellness but also:

  • Physical conditioning coach for HV71, a leading Swedish Ice Hockey team
  • Physical conditioning coach for the Swedish Badminton Association
  • Physiotherapist for 3 International Tennis Federation competitions hosted here in Sweden
  • Physical conditioning coach for Sanda Sports College (badminton and floor ball)

He is highly qualified; having studied mostly in the UK he has done lots of his Post-Graduate study in Australia and the USA. Kelvin is also continually participating in courses associated with newly emerging fitness ideas to help to keep his knowledge up to date.

Such courses recently undertaken are:

  • TRX; VIPR; 3D; Kettlebells; indoor-climbing instructor
  • Strength Conditioning for Ice Hockey (Swedish Ice Hockey Federation)
  • Conditioning for Football Diploma. (English FA) Modules taken were:
  • Fitness in Football
  • Coaching children
  • Soccer Camp Coaching coordinator
  • Planning, Preparing, and Evaluating Coaching Sessions
  • Player and Match Analysis
  • Ajax Training For Football Course (Ajax football Club, Amsterdam)

Kelvin uses this knowledge and experience to help motivate his clients towards achieving their goals by instilling the confidence to overcome any potential problems.

Within the sphere of Fitness Professionals, there are not many who can claim to be both more qualified and more experienced than Kelvin Marsh.

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